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Gaimglass gives you a fixed ultra bright, ultra small aim point that never moves. You'll be able to quickly resolve your targets and dispatch your enemies.

Nothing is smaller, brighter or more minimal than gaimglass.



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Ultra bright aim dot clearly visible in dark and light areas.
1/25" [1.0mm] diameter for pinpoint accuracy.

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Add gaimglass to your gaming setup and experience all your favorite games in a new way.

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Which screen sizes does it work with?
Gaimglass works on monitors up to 27" at (16:9) or 34" at (21:9) formats. It is not compatible on larger screens, TVs or laptops.

Gaimglass is not compatible with games that use lower offset crosshairs such as Destiny 2 or Far Cry 5 on 27" (or larger) screens. A 24" (or smaller) screen must be used.

For a limited time only, we are offering a longer aimplate add-on to fit larger monitors.
More details here.

How do I setup gaimglass on my monitor?
Set up is easy and takes just a few seconds. The easiest way is to visit and follow the steps.

The gaimglass plate can be moved up or down by unscrewing the set screw, adjust, and then tighten it back up. You'll only need to do this adjustment the first time and it works for all games. Plug gaimglass into any USB power source, flip the switch, and you're ready to go!

Which games does it work with?
Gaimglass is compatible with virtually every first person shooter title and has been shown to have dramatic results on a large number of them.

Does it work for XBOX or PlayStation or Nintendo?
Yes! You can run gaimglass with your consoles as long as you connect them to a monitor no larger than 27" at (16:9) or up to 34" in ultrawide (21:9) formats. Gaimglass is powered by a USB port that can be plugged into any USB source including a wall outlet.

Can't I just use stickers or monitor crosshairs?
Stickers (or markers) are hard to see in dark areas and can conflict with in-game crosshairs. Gaimglass gives you an ultra-bright aim dot that is clearly distinguishable on your monitor.

Give gaimglass a try. You won't go back.

What about software target overlays?
With software overlays you'll have a risk of getting banned. Gaimglass is undetectable and offers a superior aim point experience that has better contrast and brightness to anything rendered on your screen.