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From Call of Duty to Battlefield to Fortnite and more. Improve your aim and play all your favorite games in a new way.

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  • 1.0mm etched center-point for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Ultra-bright LED keeps center-point clearly visible in dark and light areas.
  • Easily plugs into a USB port or wall outlet. Extra long cable provided.
  • CNC’ed clear acrylic aimplate virtually invisible while gaming.
  • Setup in seconds. Place gaimglass on your monitor, plug it in, and start gaming.
  • Gaimglass sits in front of your monitor, giving it the 3D feel of an actual aim reticle.
  • Fits monitors up to 27″ (16:9), or up to 34″ in ultrawide (21:9). Compatible with PC/Mac, Xbox, Playstation when used with a corresponding monitor.


This 2 minute video will show you what you get and how to quickly set up and start gaming.