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Introducing the world’s best FPS aiming accessory. Gaimglass gives you a fixed ultra-bright, ultra-small aim point. You’ll be able to quickly resolve your targets in dark and light areas and dispatch your enemies.

From Call of Duty to Battlefield to Fortnite and more. Play all your favorite FPS games in a new way.

  • 1/16th” [1.5mm] etched center-point for better accuracy.
  • Ultra-bright LED keeps center-point clearly visible in dark and light areas.
  • Easily plugs into a USB port or wall outlet. Extra long cable provided.
  • Diamond polished clear acrylic virtually invisible while gaming.
  • Setup in seconds. Place gaimglass on your monitor, plug it in, and start gaming.
  • Gaimglass sits in front of your monitor, giving it the 3D feel of an actual aim reticle.
  • Fits monitors up to 27″ (16:9), or up to 34″ in ultrawide (21:9). Compatible with PC/Mac, Xbox, Playstation when used with a corresponding monitor.