Standard Aimplate (17″)


Our standard length aimplate. 17″ long with the new, smaller 1.0mm aimpoint for more precision aiming.

The 17″ aimplate works with:

  • Monitors up to 27″ at (16:9) or 34″ at (21:9) formats using standard (centered) shooters.
  • Not compatible with games that use lower offset crosshairs such as Destiny 2 on a console or Far Cry 5 with a 27″ (or larger) monitor. A 24″ (or smaller) monitor must be used in this case.
  • The maximum reach of the illuminated aimpoint from the top outer edge of a monitor is 7.6″

What you get:

  • CNC’ed acrylic aimplate: 16.9″ x 4.0″ x 0.125″ with a 1.0mm aimpoint
  • Two bumpers (place either 1 or 2 at the bottom of your Gaimglass where it touches your monitor to prevent scratches)

Acrylic parts may have some minor imperfections but should not affect experience during gameplay.

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Switching out your aimplate is simple. Watch this short video on how to swap out your aimplate.